How to Enjoy a More Intentional Holiday Season

October is here, and for my family, that means the beginning of the holiday season (Halloween is a big deal). In an effort to live more intentionally and make more family memories, I've begun putting together seasonal bucket lists. These are lists of experiences that are rather unique to that particular season.

How to Enjoy a More Intentional Holiday Season | Dany Chan

How to Enjoy a More Intentional Holiday Season

If you follow me on social media, you may have last seen my Summer Bucket List (it involved a lot of ice cream :-)

For this holiday season, I've combined both the fall experiences and the holidays experiences into one bucket list. I will add to the list as ideas come up. I know that we won't have every experience on our wishlist checked off, and that's ok.

The point of this bucket list is to be more intentional with our family time.

So, the following is my family's Holidays Bucket List:

  • visit a pumpkin patch

  • carve pumpkins

  • make and eat pies

  • go apple-picking

  • go Trick-or-Treating with the kids

  • drink hot apple cider

  • drink hot chocolate (with marshmallows)

  • wear a fun scarf or sweater

  • enjoy the fall colors

  • watch holiday movies

  • go ice skating

  • trim the Xmas tree

  • send holiday cards to friends and family

  • listen to Xmas songs 24/7

  • build a snowman (if possible)

Let’s chat!

Are there other holiday experiences that you'd recommend?

How do you and your family plan for the holiday season?