Jump-Start Your Creativity With the "Creative Hour"

"Where do you find the time to write a novel?" 

I often get asked this question, from family, friends, and even strangers. The simple answer is that I make the time to write. With a day job, husband, and two young kids, I'm like most of the parents I know: making time for passion projects is extremely difficult. It took me a whole year to develop a daily practice of what writers call, "butt in chair." But it is possible. If you've ever wanted to start a passion project of your own, I recommend jump-starting your creativity with the "creative hour."

Jump-Start Your Creativity With The "Creative Hour" | Dany Chan

Jump-Start Your Creativity With the "Creative Hour"

What is the "creative hour"?

The "creative hour" is simply the one hour every day that you've committed to being present for your passion project. For me, it meant sitting at my desk every night at 9pm to write. After we put the kids to bed, wash the dishes, pack lunches, and prepare for the next day's dinner, I put my butt in the chair and be available for the writing muse for the next hour.

Why one hour?

Well, like most people, it takes me about 20 minutes to switch tasks, to really get into the flow of writing creatively. So, if I commit to one hour of butt-in-chair time, then I can hope for about 40 minutes of producing new words. At the end of the hour, I am free to stop or keep going, depending on how I feel.

This idea of the "creative hour" is very similar to the "genius hour" concept being applied in the classrooms. Students are given one hour during the school day to explore their passions and creativity. Genius idea!

But don't let the kids have all the fun!

I encourage you to try it. Commit one hour every day to being present for your passions. It will be really  hard at the beginning. Remember, it took me a whole year to develop a daily writing habit. So, cut yourself some slack, believe in the process, and enjoy the time you will have with your creative self.

Let's chat!

What passion project have you been dying to start?

Will you be giving the "creative hour" a try? If not, why?