How To Do "Back-To-School" As An Adult

Ah, September.

As kids around the country, including my own, are returning to school, I sometimes wish that I can be part of that rush: the thrill of crisp, clean notebook pages or the possibilities of a box of new decorative pencils. It's been a long time since I was a student, but that doesn't stop me from partaking in the "back-to-school" excitement in my own adult ways.

How To Do "Back-To-School" As An Adult

How To Do "Back-To-School" As An Adult

Crack Open a New Notebook

I always carry a notebook (that's the writer in me), and regardless of how little I've filled the current one, come September 1st, I switch to a new notebook for the new season. Here's what I'm using: Moleskine Harry Potter Limited Edition Notebook - Marauder's Map.* The tea-stained coloring of the cover evokes the colors of fallen leaves and the reflective mood of autumn. And more importantly, Harry Potter and September 1st--enough said.

Switch to a Leather Bag

All Summer I've been toting around canvas totes :-) They're casual and washable (a must!) and oftentimes have fun designs. For the Fall, I want to feel more professional (I have a whole season of job searches coming up, after all). So, I will be switching to a simple and sleek leather tote. And voilà, instant sophistication!

Do Some Homework

I do love a good workbook. This Fall, I will be using this workbook -- The Write Brain Workbook*-- to sharpen my skills and flex my creative muscles with short writing exercises. Learning is a life-long endeavor, and you don't have to be in school to learn something new.

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