My Writing Goals for 2019

Happy New Year, Friends!

At last, I have reached a new milestone in my dream of becoming a published novelist. This year, I hope to ink a publishing contract for The Forgotten Fathers Club!! 2019 promises to be an exciting year for my creative writing, and I've got the goals to prove it :-)

My Writing Goals for 2019

This year, I plan to:

  • complete draft #3 of The Forgotten Fathers Club 

    • DUE: Jan 1 - Mar 31, 2019

  • get a publishing deal for The Forgotten Fathers Club

    • DUE: Apr 1 - Dec 31, 2019

  • complete draft #2 of The Gaerden

    • DUE: Apr 1 - Dec 31, 2019

  • get (1) writing grant or fellowship

    • DUE: Dec 31, 2019


Of course, the steps to landing a publishing contract are many and very much based on luck. Here's how this goal typically breaks down:

  1. prioritize my list of literary agents

  2. research each agent's submission requirements

  3. draft a query letter tailored to each agent

  4. draft a book synopsis

  5. polish the first (50) pages of The Forgotten Fathers Club until it shines

  6. email my queries to each agent

  7. sit and wait for the rejections (I'm aiming for 100 rejections)

  8. (hallelujah) I land an agent!!

  9. complete draft #4 of The Forgotten Fathers Club

  10. my agent pitches and shops the novel to publishers

  11. sit and wait for more rejections

  12. (hallelujah) a publisher buys my novel!!



The sheer number of steps for this goal, at first, seemed overwhelming to me. But, having each necessary step laid out like this actually defeats that overwhelm - I now have a sense of the challenges ahead, and I have a plan to complete each step in the necessary order. And I do have a timeline for when I would like each step to be completed, all the while knowing that the "sit and wait for rejections" periods are variable and totally out of my control. Yet, with a plan, I can simply shift the timeline accordingly. But with any luck, I may get a book deal by the end of the year.

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