2018 Goals: How I Plan to Rock My Writing Life This Year

Hi there!

This year, I have some exciting plans for my writing practice. I love beginnings, so I started planning these new goals since last fall (I admit it: I'm a planner nerd). If 2017 was a good year, then 2018 is intended to be a great one :-)

Setting Goals in Five Steps

But, before I list out my writing goals, I first want to describe my simple 5-step process for setting goals, just in case you need a little help in determining your own goals and resolutions. I have found this particular process to be effective for me, so I hope that it will be useful for you as well.

The five steps are as follows:

  1. Do a brain dump of every goal or idea that you can think of.
  2. Select the most important and/or the most exciting goal to you now (no more than five).
  3. Break down each goal into actionable tasks.
  4. Set a deadline for each task.
  5. Schedule each task in your calendar or planner.

My 2018 Writing Goals

Without further ado, here are my writing goals for this year:

  • Goal #1: revise The Forgotten Fathers Club
    • DUE: Jan - June 2018
  • Goal #2: maintain my author platform (which includes website, newsletter, and social media accounts)
    • DUE: all year
  • Goal #3: hire an editor and polish The Forgotten Fathers Club
    • DUE: July - Dec 2018
  • Goal #4: research and compile list of literary agents
    • DUE: July - Dec 2018
  • Goal #5: research: how to submit query letters
    • DUE: Dec 2018

I would love to hear from you!

  • What are your goals for 2018?
  • How do you keep yourself accountable?

See you again next month!
- Dany

Looking Back: Writing in 2017

Hi there!

December is a good time to reflect on your goals from the year, and 2017 was a good one for my fiction writing. Actually, I have to go all the way back to 2016, when I first decided to commit to a writing practice. I had two simple goals:

  1. make writing a daily habit, and
  2. complete the first draft of novel #1: The Gaerden

I'm happy to say that I slayed both goals. I happily (and grumpily) wrote for two hours every night, and although the story was not cohesive, I finished a draft of novel #1 anyway. 


My Writing in 2017

When 2017 rolled around, I plowed through six months of revision. And guess what? By attempting to revise novel #1, the process confirmed what I already knew: I still had no idea where the story needed to go. So, I abandoned it. Instead, I dove into drafting novel #2 - The Forgotten Fathers Club - without any guilty feelings or regrets, because goals can change when life changes.

The Forgotten Fathers Club is now a completed draft, and it is an exciting story (if I do say so myself.) In hindsight, this novel was easier to write, and the resulting story is better simply because I have more experience at completing a first draft.

As for novel #1, maybe someday I will revisit it with fresh eyes. Or, it might just remain as that cliched unpublished first novel of famous writers that will be posthumously published after my death. Readers will see then how BAD of a story a first draft can be :-)

I would love to hear from you!

  • How did your 2017 go?
  • Did you slay some goals?
  • What was your most challenging obstacle?

See you again next month!
- Dany